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Anna Shoes, one of the leading shoe manufacturer in Turkey, has had international trade with Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Azerbaijan, Romania, Russia for many years. Our company, which invests in R & D and innovation to increase its market share every day, will be pleased to serve you with its 250,000 pairs production capacity and professional team.
About us
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." So, Anna Shoes has begun with a first step of a dream. With respect of today’s fashion and today’s women life, we adopted designing shoes with ‘’classiness with non-compromise comfort’’ as aprinciple. Since our company was established, we have been serving comfort and classiness together by following closely the improving technology and the importance of the quality that we care, upgrading machines and equipment regularly, combining those with touches of master hands.
Since the day we established our company with our production team, we are contributing to the shoe industry and we are among the suppliers of big and important companies both in Turkey and abroad.
In Turkey and in the world, we aim clientele that feels comfortable with our design by combining quality and aesthetics. Because we always care about our customers and we continue to improve ourselves for them. We believe that Anna Shoes mean taking a right step. The rulers of the roads who venture thousand steps to take a step

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